Interior Finishings

Premium finishes, ceramic tiles, layered flooring, quality insulation.


Premium finishes: multi-layer painted walls, ceramic block support, slip-resistant ceramic tiles, layered flooring, mineral wool insulation, and high-quality sanitary fittings.

Interior Finishings

Multi-Layer Painted Walls: Walls feature three layers of white washable paint applied to plastered gypsum boards. The sturdy base is formed by a 30 cm thick ceramic block, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.


Ceramic and Layered Flooring: Floors boast slip-resistant ceramic tiles and layered laminated wood, both mounted on a support cement screed. This blend ensures both safety and a touch of luxury in every step.


Insulation and Construction Quality: Integral mineral wool insulation is placed between bricks and gypsum layers for enhanced thermal efficiency. This design choice reflects a commitment to comfort and energy conservation.

Interior Finishings

Exclusive Craftsmanship

Customized Excellence: Every element of Licurg 2 is crafted for distinction.

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Interior Finishings