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Terms and Conditions of UseTerms and Conditions refer to the relationship generated between SC NSI Real Estate Business, with its registered office at 18 Vestei Street, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania, hereinafter referred to as "the Company," and individuals who use the website, hereinafter referred to as "Users." Access to and use of the website, including any pages or areas thereof, or any services provided through the website, can only be done in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, taking into account the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.The Company acts as an intermediary for real estate transactions presented on the website, and the data provided on this website are communicated by clients with whom the Company has contracts or business relationships in progress. Therefore, all information provided is confidential and cannot be processed by another operator without the written consent of the Company. By using the website and the services offered by the Company, you are expressly requested to agree to these Terms and Conditions. The agreement will be made in the dedicated section and represents:An express agreement to comply with all clauses in the Terms and Conditions category;
Acknowledgment of how personal data provided by the user is processed;
The confidentiality of the information presented on the website. Using the website without reviewing this set of Terms and Conditions will be considered as full acceptance of them.
You have the right not to agree with all or part of the Terms and Conditions, and if you do not agree, please do not use or cease to use the website The Company has provided you with the following data for which it reserves the exclusive right of use, and copying or use for the purpose of obtaining income or personal benefits is not allowed and is considered as non-acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:Data related to properties promoted by the Company as provided by the owners of the presented properties;
Photographs taken by the Company in the promoted properties;
Data related to the Company's partners;
Data related to partnerships with financial institutions and information provided by them;
Data and recommendations regarding how real estate transactions should be conducted, including the Company's opinions on the necessary documents and recommendations for the proper conduct of a real estate transaction;
Opinions and analyses by the Company regarding the real estate market in Romania.
The Company requests user data such as: Name, Phone Number, Email Address. The Company will use this data only for the purpose indicated in the form provided on the website, for which you express your agreement. Users have free access to view all sections of the website, as the Company does not have a pricing policy for viewing and downloading market analyses. The Company intermediates real estate transactions following the signing of an intermediary contract with each client. The Company cannot control how the ads are displayed on other websites, but it will try to limit the exposure of the information published on the website. The Company may restrict a User's access to the website if the User has repeatedly violated the Terms and Conditions or if there are other risks to the content of the information published on the website. The User will not create a user account on the website, so they can freely view most areas on the website, except for the data provided through the "download" section where the User agrees to provide their email address to the Company. The User can request the deletion of any data sent to the website and, by extension, to the Company, at any time by simply sending an email to prices displayed on the website are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, for verification of any information, please contact us through one of the channels published on the website or at the email address The Company is not responsible for any maintenance or online fluctuations that may occur from the use of the website The Company does not conduct campaigns regarding market studies, which is why it does not request personal information such as age, gender, or religion. The content promoted on the website is the Company's own content and does not fall within the analysis of any specific category related to religious, geographical, or ethnic areas. The Company does not provide any guarantee for contracts concluded by parties in a sale-purchase agreement in which the Company did not act as an intermediary. This website serves as a real estate promotion and does not constitute a framework for the conclusion of a sale-purchase contract. The User is obligated to request additional information from the Company regarding the promoted properties to verify the accuracy of the information presented. The User guarantees that is not responsible for any claims by third parties against regarding the information provided by the User as a result of viewing the information on the website. The User can search for properties using the advanced search engine or modules provided by the website. Any other search method not provided by the website is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the Terms and Conditions of use. The User has no right to modify the content of the website and is not allowed to block access to it. Any modification of the structure and content of the website by the User is strictly prohibited. The Company is exempt from any unforeseen situations or events related to the website and its content. The data and information presented on the website are subject to copyright law, and copying or subsequent modification and processing are not allowed. Thus, any intention of the User to copy and process the information on the website will be reported to the Company via email at Each party is subject to the laws applicable in Romania, and the User will notify the Company by email of any possible misunderstandings regarding the aspects presented on the website, so that mutual agreement on measures between the parties, leading to mediation, can be reached in any situation.