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Exterior Excellence: The Artistry of Licurg 2's Structure & Façade.


Architectural Mastery: Structure, Façade, and Exterior Finishes. Delve into the artistry and precision behind Licurg 2's standout exterior, where design meets unmatched durability.

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STONE CLADDING: The facades will be thermally insulated with XPS 10 thick and covered with stone or plastered in light colors, white, grey, beige, while for the finished plinth will be used bush mosaic and similar stone system. The texture of the exterior materials defines the final image of the building. Details that ennoble the aesthetic image and architectural value are also distinguished: braces, ornaments. The façade has the following layers: - 30 cm thick back wall – brick wall. -3,5-5 cm – cement render - XPS 10 cm – insulation - 5 cm cement render reinforced with 100 x 100 x 6 mm steel mesh – this layer is fixed to the back brick wall with steel anchors tied mechanically on the interior of the brick walls with steel counter plates at least 1/sq m fixing. Additionally there is a vertical steel profile rail system installed into the render that is used for fixing the stone cladding with safety steel anchor plates. - Stone cladding at ground floor glued to the cement render; - Stone cladding at 1st floor – 20-25 mm thick glued to the cement render and fixed with safety steel brackets / anchor plates.


EXTERIOR: Aluminium frames with thermal break from ALIPLAST polyester powder coated in factory. Beige color 7044 RAL. Aluminium frames are mechanically fixed to a steel frame 30 x 30 mm.Triple glazing with the following composition: 6 mm 4S(four seasons) glass / 16 mmWE worm edge spacer -4 mm float glass – 16 mm WE worm edge spacer – 6mm low E glass for majority of the positions except ground floor to the street where there is the following composition: 6 mm KN 166 ESG tempered glass / 16 mm WE worm edge spacer -4 mm float glass – 16 mm WE worm edge spacer – 4.4.1 mm low E glass laminated glass. Overall U value of the aluminium frames and windows is 1,05 for all building. (does notinclude the steel fixing frames which is insulated with XPS ).


LANDSCAPE: The exterior design of the building will incorporate entrance alley with a ceramic tile finish, basement access road finished with asphalt layer, urban furniture located on concrete platforms in form of flower areas inbuilt and integrated to the design. The green spaces placed on concrete slabs will be characterized by plant pots, with a medium depth of 50-70 cm where shrubs and lawns will be planted placed at theentrance ramp. The green spaces located on natural soil, will be characterized by tree and shrub plantations, lawn, and allocated for exclusive use to apartment 1 and 2.

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Exclusive Craftsmanship

Customized Excellence: Every element of Licurg 2 is crafted for distinction.

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